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What Is A Reasonable Sugar Daddy Arrangement?

Last updated on Feb 3, 2020

sugar daddy arrangement

Sugar Daddy Arrangements

Seeking Arrangements NZ: we all know why we are here on this seeking arrangement websites. The question is what is a mutually beneficial SD/SB arrangements. Let’s see how real sugar daddies and sugar babies talk about a reasonable SD/SB arrangements.

Let Sugar Talks

“I’m from Auckland, New Zealand. I don’t think I’m a salt sugar daddy, but maybe a sugar one. I’ve helped my girlfriends financially but we never call it a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship; Actually my present marriage started from that way and she earns more than I do now. I have to confess NZ sugar baby is the best sexy, friendly one. A reasonable sugar daddy arrangement is both parties get what they want, and my question is can I be a sugar daddy with a limited retirement budget?”

“I’ve ever had one fake woman profile on seeking.com because I was curious what type of guys are out there and what type of sugar daddy I’d be competing against whether they are salt sugar daddies or real financially secure men. So far from what I’ve seen that there are plenty of so-called rich men are seeking young and beautiful girls. My first message usually is something like, it’s nice to meet you, I’m looking for sugar baby and I will spoil you with weekly allowance, nice day or other generally friendly vibes. I’ve noticed from the seeking arrangements website that the hotter the sugar baby, the more demanding they are. This is the sugar daddy dating niche, some millionaire sugar daddy can satisfy their expectation, lavish gifts, and LV bags, finer things. While a rich man can get those beautiful girls as their companion.”

“For me an intellectual someone who will engage my mind first. And I would personally like a sugar daddy who needs lots of attention and can take me to travel around the world.”

“I’m new sugar daddy seeking arrangement New Zealand, and I find this sugar daddy site is quite different from other sites I belong to. Looking through a lot of ladies’ profiles, it seems that sugar babies here are looking for something more significant, more serious relationship. In general, sugar bowl is overflowing with beautiful girls looking for a rich sugar daddy, thus many immature guys take advantage of this and leave us with girls that are more demanding and ambitious. As a relatively normal sugar daddy, if you treat your sugar baby with respect and with genuine TLC, the right girls will treat you with sincerely and respect you too.”

“ every arrangement is different from the last. Some sugar babies only want to chat online and create a more intimate relationship than anything physical. The reasonable sugar daddy arrangement is the standard arrangement where you actually meet in person go on dates and act like a normal relationship, the difference is that sugar arrangement is more dependent on financial support. I suggest being upfront in the beginning and state what you are looking for, and there is no point to waste time and money for something that people are not going to do. Money is another thing. Ever since SD/SB type relationship is related to money, so you are going to find lots of fakes online, but just keep searching and patience until you find what you want.

What is your opinion on a reasonable SD/SB arrangement? What I think a reasonable SD/SB arrangement is being upfront about what your needs and create a normal but romantic mutually beneficial relationship. Pushing is the keyword wish everyone here the best and hope each member finds what you are looking for. Good Luck to you.

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