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Last updated on June 25, 2019

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1.Sugar Daddy in Auckland Are Seeking Sugar Arrangements

Auckland - NZ
I am happy to meet new friends, get to know you if you prefer, ask no questions and simply like me or message to me and leave you quivering.

SugarDaddy 6'1Average
Auckland - NZ
I am not looking for long-term relations, What I am looking for is purely romantics and passionate, such as go for walks on the beach or attend dancing with you.

I love to please and appreciate someone who could accompany me. Perhaps I can bring a smile to your face while also assisting you in other ways?

2.Sugar Baby in Auckland are Seeking Sugar Arrangements

Auckland - NZ
I am beautiful and outgoing, I look for someone who could spoil me with fancy things or traveling around the world, message me if you are interested in

SugarBaby 5'4Student
Auckland - NZ
I am seeking sugar daddy who could spoil me and assist me with finance, I need someone could cover my tuition and bills.

Auckland - NZ
I am single and looking for long-term or short-term relations. I can spend my evening or weekends with you. I want to be spoiled by some generous man

3.Sugar Mommy in Auckland are Seeking Sugar Arrangements

Auckland - NZ
I love physical touch and I would like to stay with a young handsome boy, I will offer him what he demands.

SugarMommy 5.4Average
Auckland - NZ
Seeking a male sugar baby who is good at listening and conversation, I don't wanna sex but accompany with me with shpping or dinner.

Auckland - NZ
I'm interested in meeting someone who could know me and accompany me, Money is a piece of cake! You will get what you want.

4. Male Sugar Baby in Auckland are Seeking Sugar Arrangements

Auckland - NZ
I'm looking for new things and prefer to do some adventurous, if you have same interests with me, send me messages.

Male Sugar Baby 6'1Average
Auckland - NZ
I want someone who could support me with finance. I'm honest, trustworthy men, how about you? Dm me if you like me.

Male Sugar Baby6'1Athletic
Auckland - NZ
I love cooking, shopping, swimming and go camping. I want to find a serious women who can build a relationship with me.