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Sugar Babies NZ - Things You Should Know While Seeking Arrangements

Last updated on August 6, 2020

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So you have decided to enjoy the superb vocation of being a sugar baby in New Zealand or somewhere else. Sugar relationship between the people involved in a sugar arrangement is mutually beneficial for both parties. There is still a long way to go before you became a professional sugar baby, which means being a successful sugar baby is not easy. The first thing you should learn how to keep yourself safe. I’m not writing this as some narcissistic "precise" guides, but I'm genuinely concerned about the safety of lots of sugar babies who get into arrangements that are abusive, manipulate, and shady. Although nothing is 100%, I would rather decrease the odds as much as I can to help sugar babies stay safe.

Plenty of sugar babies are wondering if there are some useful tips to attract genuine sugar daddies in NZ, not getting scammed, not salty sugar daddies, and maintain safety while meeting, etc. I will provide some advice from my personal perspective.

Set your boundaries upfront

1.make your allowance expectations known before the first meeting

If you have a very specific range in your mind, then you can directly communicate with your sugar daddy. Most genuine sugar daddies would be willing to offer you only if you've caught his attention. If you did not talk about the allowance before, sugar daddies tend to give you the lowest average or offer nothing at all. However, if you desired other perks of this sugar arrangement, like attraction, consistency, love, etc, it's okay for you to take a lower amount of sugar baby allowance. If you are not comfortable with it, then insist on your ideas.

2.Spell out what you want

Seeking arrangements is straight sugar daddy dating sites, which means that it professionally provides service for sugar babies and sugar daddies, so you can directly state your expectation on your profile or communicate with your sugar daddies. For example, I'm looking for fun dates, sometimes go outside of the town and sometimes low-key, and I accept married sugar daddy so I will try to keep our relationship in a discreet way. Weekly allowance can be accepted at the first dates but it can eventually transition into a monthly one. I prefer to find someone who can support my education and living expenses. I'd prefer to meet first for a casual lunch date to see if we are the right one for both parties, and then decide whether we have further connections.

3. Accept incompatibilities

Actually, it's hard to find someone who satisfies every requirement of ourselves. If you find a sugar daddy hitting up you several times a day, just like your boyfriend, you may not satisfy with it. But he might be a great human, so you can talk with him about what you want and things you dislike. Sometimes things just won’t fit but it’s okay.

4.Block or report

Guys whom offensive, abuse, and not show respect. Guys who want to talk about sex before the meeting. Guys who say they don't want to offer money because it's like a "transaction". guys who ignore you or hit you up randomly. Guys who promise to offer you money but disappear after the first meeting. Guys who treat you like escorts or prostitution, say something offensive words or do some overdo, do not hesitate to call the police or report them on our seeking arrangement websites.

5. Do not show your desperate

No one wants to receive negative things all day, including sugar daddies. This advice is given to newbie sugar babies in New Zealand, even if you are desperate, you'd better pretend to be not. Sugar daddies came here for finding some interesting things instead of a desperate person who complain about her terrible life.

6. Do not make things transactional

If you don’t want to be scammed or treated like escorts, then you’d better not make your arrangements transactional. What makes things transactional is if you only care about money but forget to establish a relationship. Think about what your sugar daddy is looking for through this sugar relationship, so you’d better be his friends at first. Wanting travel, conversation, fun dates, and try to get to know your sugar daddy, all of those things not showing transactional.


Privacy and security is the most crucial thing for all people and our concerns. This sugar daddy website allows sugar daddies sugar babies to place a totally anonymous profile. So you don’t have to leave your real name and address online and remember do not offer your name, address, job, school, and bank information to strangers.

8.Meet at public places

I do advocate for lunch dates. I do understand that some people may not eat lunch, coffee is another good choice. I recommend lunch as it's nice and bright, usually not much expensive as dinner, and you can notice how your sugar daddy treats waiter/waitress, it's a great chance to know his personality. In addition, the purpose of meeting in a public place at lunch is safe for both parties.

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