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How to Dectect & Avoid Salty Sugar Babies?

Last updated on Jan 16, 2020

salty sugar babies

Let's Talk Salty Sugar Babies

As you ready to step into the sugar world to be a powerful sugar daddy, have you been on and off various sugar daddy websites continuously finding fake sugar babies? Have you met attractive sugar babies constantly demanding money and gifts? Sending several messages without response. Be careful. They may be salty sugar babies that truly exists in the sugar community. It’s said that there are more sugar daddy sites making thousands of fake profiles to attract sugar daddies’ attention. It’s time to learn how to identify those fake sugar daddies in order to save your time and money, but also finding a legit sugar baby NZ efficiently.

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Profile & Photo

A completed profile is wildly welcomed by both members and dating platform, on the contrary, an uncompleted profile would be regarded as a low quality which is possibly refused by our website. If there are writing and grammar problems or low-quality descriptions such as a few words, several letters without meaning or repeating letter. There are specific words “God-fearing” or “orphan” in her profile, her photo is copied on Google, Instagram or other social media. Her username contains 4luv, 4love, forlove, forluv, smile or heart, in addition to her ethnicity - Native American. Fake sugar babies may either never display her photos or upload several exposed photographs which are extremely sexy.

Not Honest, Keep create causes

She has made her decision to meet you face to face, but in the final few minutes, she starts to tell you stories about “ her father is sick in the hospital and she needs money to pay the bills” or one of her family is under the mess and she needs money to solve problem, or she needs money to pay her oils so that she can drive to you. When you encounter this, be cautious, she may be the fake ones.

If she insists on meeting in a special bar or restaurant which you are not familiar with, you’d better refuse or choose another famous place to make your appointment. The reason why you should refuse is that she may work in this place where she can make money by asking people consumption here. Even worse, you are probably kidnapped by your fake sugar baby, robing your money.

Constantly demanding allowance and luxurious gifts

Scammers are only interested in money and gifts instead of creating sugar relationships with you. They would start demanding money or luxurious gifts before the first date, if you are not sure whether she is reliable, then stopping giving her money. After the first date, if you expect to establish a further relationship, a sugar baby allowance or an exquisite present would be better. Or you would be considered as salty sugar daddies, your potential partner would never meet you again.

How to avoid salty sugar babies?

Salty sugar babies always user a perfect, eye-catching photo to catch your attention, be careful. Her profiles look so perfect that you start to doubt whether she is true or not, trust your feelings.

Besides, if you don’t want to fall into the salty sugar babies trap, you’d better choose a secured dating platform when you are seeking arrangements NZ. A safe sugar daddy websites will get their member’s profile and photos verified, including background identification. Let’s see how we detect fake or suspect sugar babies.

Check billion information and payment

Salty sugar babies/sugar daddies’ registration name does not match credit card name; their first name gender/profile gender does not match the credit card name gender. If their profile with suspected payment fraud, including trying different cards with a different name within 10 minutes, several failed payments, using different cards before payment is successful, credit card name does not match FB name/gender. All those situations would be scored as a suspect member.

Profile & Photos

Scammers or salty sugar daddies/sugar babies always create incomplete profiles which would be regarded as low-quality profiles such as writing, grammar problem, photos match our scammer databases. The photo is naked or expecting to sell nude photos.

IP & locations

If someone shares IP with blocked profiles, and block ratio is over 50%. distance between registration/ phone number & ZIP codes is over 40 miles, as well as registration country does not match its billing ZIP or IP address, all those situations would be considered as suspect members.

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