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How to Dectect a Fake Sugar Daddy when seeking arrangements?

Last updated on Dec 17, 2019

sugar daddy warning signs

Sugar Daddy Warning Signs

Along with an increase in the candidates for seeking arrangements, there are more concerns about facing unpleasant scammers. It’s a crucial aspect for each sugar baby to learn how to detect fake sugar daddy. If you have built up the courage and desire to look for sugar daddies or sugar babies for mutually secret benefits, and you are right in New Zealand, This seeking arrangement NZ official websites is your first step to join this sugar community. In addition, using legitimate sugar daddy websites is potentially avoiding plenty of fakes and scammers.

However, there are not only fake sugar daddy but also fake sugar baby. In most cases, someone pretends to be a perfect sugar daddy but ends up finding that he is scamming the sugar baby money that he owes them or even set a trap to steal their bank information. There are other fake sugar babies who create a fake profile and try to please their sugar daddy in order to get money for free.

First, you should know those signs of fake sugar daddy

1. Talk big and do nothing. Generally, those sugar daddies pretend to perfect well and promise you everything you need in order to catch your interests. They usually tend to unwilling to pay you bills even you have already sent him your photos or you have already made an appointment. Genuine sugar daddies are promise keeper, and he will express his needs directly and if you are the kind of girl that he is looking for, he is willing to spoil you with finer things that you desire. While fake ones just try to gain benefits from others but avoid to spend on others.

2. Sugar daddy wants nude photos. You had better think twice before sending him your private pictures, especially nude photos otherwise you may find your photos on some pornographic websites. Those are supposed to be fake sugar daddies who ask for your provocative photographs in order to decide whether to select you or not. Authentic sugar daddies are mature and respectful successful men, money is not a problem for them, so if they want to seek a sugar baby, he will meet them face to face. That’s why any request for your nude photos is an obvious sign and you had better think twice.

sugar daddy red flags

3. Fake sugar daddies try to make themselves look flashy and rich. Most Genuine sugar daddies are definitely rich men who have secured finance or running their own business. There is no need to display or show off their wealth by posting luxurious pictures, cars on their social network. While fake sugar daddy is eager to create an illusion of what sugar babies expect of them such as expensive wears and cars. And they always pretend they have a very busy life or conduct a big business.

4. Fake sugar daddy wants sex first without paying. Seeking arrangement websites advocate members upgrade relationships on their terms that means both parties get what they want from this sugar relationship. While sex is the common thing in our daily life, it only happens when both parties agree to do it. Seeking arrangements is not an arrangement involving in “money for sex” business model of prostitution, but it advocates members creating relationships first and members will benefit from this sugar relationship. Usually, the serious sugar daddy will never ask for sex first, especially for those married sugar daddy, sex is not the necessary thing for them. If a sugar daddy asks for having sex with you first, then their true intentions are very suspicious. Fake sugar daddy usually promises to pay you after the sex is over, and then he pretends to pay you through Paypal before leaving the hotel. By the time you’d better check your Paypal balance to make sure ha had paid. What’s worse is that some fake sugar daddies put in a chargeback on the payment. So cash seems a great way to get the sugar baby allowance.

5. Ask for bank information. You must focus your attention on if a sugar daddy wants to know your bank information and your personal information and security number. Although he claims that he needs that information to send you money directly to your account, it’s definitely suspicious that he may use your information to steal money from your account. When you are in this situation, you can politely tell your sugar daddy that you only accept cash or Paypal or another form of online payment.

Here are some authentic examples:

“ He sames too perfect to be true because he promises me everything I want such as tuition fee, rent payment, diamond rings or other festival gifts, it’s a very suspicious sign. Actually most successful sugar daddies are successful businessmen, so they tend to make decisions with a business mindset. So the genuine sugar daddy will take it slower to know whether you are the right one they are looking for”

“ start talking about sex at the first of your conversation. Or most of their topic is involving in sex, just waiting a few days - they may change topics or disappear”

“ if he tries to ask you to meet him at night after your first connection, do not believe him, he may not find a sugar baby but a one-night girl”

“He decides to meet you but he cancels the dating at the last minute more than once and gives more excuse - it’s a sign that you should care about.”

sugar daddy dating

How to avoid fake sugar daddies?

You had better choose one or more original sugar daddy websites with a great reputation. Sugar daddy websites such as SeekingArrangements, SugarDaddyMeet, SugarDaddie, SugarDaddyForMe, etc, those sugar daddy sites are the premium-driven platform which introduces anti-scam system or verify manually to avoid fakes and scammers at some extent. You should care about those sugar daddies who ask for your bank information or personal details, nudes photos or provocative photos, buying something for him or make love before paying, those are suspicious men.

If you are not lucky enough to encounter some unpleasant experience, then login seeking arrangement websites that provide high quality attractive and rich members, but also get member’s identity verified and each member’s profile and pictures are verified manually. Any fake profiles with uncompleted information will be removed immediately.

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